Next 2014, we will commemorate the Centenary IV of the death of the painter Doménikos Theotokópuolos, toledano of adoption, acquaintance in the whole world as The Greek (Candia, 1541 - Toledo, 1614). The intention of this web page is not other one that, of humble form, to produce a sincere honoring to a brilliant toledano of the centuries XVI-XVII.

Of The Greek he has written himself very much since at the beginning of the 20th century he was re-discovered as a modal in the universal painting by notable prominent figures of the epoch. This web page is conceived nevertheless of principally visual form to centre on his spiritual painting and simultaneously eminently human. This commanding spirituality in the epoch that he had to live, demonstrates in the prominent figures that it portrays (in his eyes, in his hands, in his gestures, etc.) and even more in the not human beings that also it does always brimming with spirit and that masterfully it can transmit us. There is the one who thinks that it was entering a species of spiritual ecstasy when it was doing, since otherwise we could not have be moved by everything what it appreciates of it in his works.

As for the web page, after a relation of his different works (the book has followed as basic guide "El Greco. El pintor humanista. Obra completa" of D ª Palma Martínez-Burgos, Libsa 2005), The systematic one presents of the painter as for prominent figures, looks, hands, etc., that will help to detail and heighten furthermore his works.

One presents also in black and white some of his more famous works, since hereby this spirituality appears of a more concentrated form, as if the scale of gray was helping in an effective way to which the connection between the spectator, the painter and his work, is more intimate.

Finally, our former and illustrious neighbor will be able to forgive the licenses that have taken at the moment of giving another point of view to his creations.